Study Plan

The duration of the seminary program is two years. The curriculum consists of both classroom lectures and experiential learning. Seminarians will complete 24 courses, and a service internship in a Coptic Orthodox church over the two years.

Courses will include Old Testament, New Testament, Greek, Coptic, Hymns, Dogma, Rites, History, Patristic Studies, Canons, Pastoral Care, Leadership, Apologetics, and Evangelism. Courses are delivered sequentially in an intensive, week-long format, with students completing one course at a time rather than several courses simultaneously for the length of the semester. (A sample schedule is included below.)

Written exams will be conducted at the end of each year, including an oral exam at the end of the second year for successful graduation.

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester Begins
Fall Break
Fall Semester Ends
Service Internship
Winter Break
Spring Semester Begins
Holy Week & Spring Break
Spring Semester Ends
Study Period
Exam Period
Summer Break

Course of Study:

First Year

Semester 1Semester 2
1OT 1/Part 11OT 1/Part 2
2OT 3/Part 12OT 3/Part 2
3Greek/Part 13Greek/Part 2
4NT 2/Part 14NT 2/Part 2
5Rituals 1/Part 15Rituals 1/Part 2
6Dogma/Part 16Dogma/Part 2
7Religions/Part 17Religions/Part 2
8Pastoral 1/Part 18Pastoral 1/Part 2
9History 1//Part 19History 1//Part 2
10Coptic/Part 110Coptic/Part 2
11Apologetics/Part 111Apologetics/Part 2
12Canons/Part 112Canons/Part 2

Second Year

Semester 1Semester 2
1OT 2/Part 11OT 2/Part 2
2OT 4/Part 12OT 4/Part 2
3NT 1/Part 13NT 1/Part 2
4NT 3/Part 14NT 3/Part 2
5Rituals 2/Part 15Rituals 2/Part 2
6Comparative/Part 16Comparative/Part 2
7Evangelism/Part 17Evangelism/Part 2
8Pastoral 2/Part 18Pastoral 2/Part 2
9History 2//Part 19History 2/Part 2
10Hymns/Part 110Hymns/Part 2
11Patristics/Part 111Patristics/Part 2
12Leadership/Part 112Leadership/Part 2

Field Education/Internship

The Service Internship portion of seminary is intended to give seminarians an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they are acquiring in class, while serving the Coptic community in various capacities.

Fieldwork may include:

  • Educational services: Sunday School, Bible Study, Servant preparation, curriculum development
  • One-on-one services: Special personal issues (drug use, sexuality issues, pregnancy, loss of faith)
  • Service of the lost sheep: Helping lapsed members return to the mother church
  • Service of the Elders, Sick, or Disabled
  • Family Counseling & Support